Peem​ai Thai Restaurant

Ph - 3880 1775


MON - SAT          Lunch  11:00 - 2:30      &        Dinner    5:00 - 9:00

SUN                      Lunch Closed                                 Dinner        5:00 - 9:00


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1. Satay Chicken Skewer (4pcs)   $9.50

Marinated chicken skewers served with fresh made peanut satay sauce.

15. Satay Pork Skewer (4pcs) $10.00

Marinated pork skewers served with fresh made peanut satay  

2. Peemai Toast (4pcs)   $8.50

A tantalising mix of pork mince, Thai herbs, spices cooked golden with h/made s/ chilli sauce.

3. Chicken Spring Rolls (4pcs)   $8.50

mushrooms, cabbage, onions, carrots, vermicelli chicken cooked golden brown. Served homemade sweet chilli sauce.

4. Vegie Spring Rolls (4pcs) $8.50

Fresh veg include shi-take mushrooms, cabbage, onions, carrots, vermicelli cooked golden brown. Served homemade sweet chilli sauce.

5. Money Bags (4pcs)   $8.50

Minced pork chestnuts onion corn spring onion wrapped in an egg pastry & cooked golden brown served home made sweet chilli sauce.

6. Curry Puffs (4pcs)   $8.50

Crispy puff pastry filled with chicken mince, brown onions, potatoes, corn & peas served with h/made sweet chilli sauce.

7. Fish Cakes (4pcs)   $8.00

Minced fish with Thai herbs & red curry paste served with home made sweet chilli sauce. 

8. Steamed Dim Sims (4pcs)   $8.50

Minced pork and prawns mix with chestnuts & onion topped with toasted garlic and served with light soy sauce.

9. Coconut Prawns (4pcs)   $10.50

King prawns rolled in shredded coconut served with h/made sweet chilli sauce topped with chop p/nuts.

10. Peemai Spicy Wings (6pcs)   $10.00

Succulent chicken wings cooked golden & tossed in our house sauce slightly sweet & slightly spicy.

11. Deep Fried Tofu   $7.50

Tofu deep fried to crispy served with homemade peanut sauce.

12. Mixed Entrée   $9.50

Includes: 1 satay chicken skewer, 1 spring roll, 1 curry puff & 1 fish cake.

13. Prawn Crackers    $4.50

Bag of freshly cooked crackers 

14. Roti     $4.50

Flat fried flaky bread 


17. Tom Yum Soup

Hot and sour flavours made from fresh Thai herbs served with fresh coriander.

18. Tom Kha Soup

Thai coconut soup Thai herbs, veg & coriander.

    Choice of  Chicken, Beef or Pork $8.90

                                    Prawn or Seafood $9.50

                                Vegetables or Veg & Tofu $8.50


22. Red Curry

Popular Thai dish of red curry paste in coconut milk, seasonal vegetables & fresh Thai basil.

23. Green Curry

Trad Thai curry with green curry paste in coconut milk, seasonal vegetables and fresh Thai basil.

24. Pannang Curry

Creamy peanut taste cooked with coconut milk, seasonal vegetables topped with kaffir lime leaves.

25. Massaman Curry

A rich aromatic blend of coconut milk Thai spices with potato, onion and toasted peanuts.

26. Yellow Curry

Thai mild curry with coconut milk onion, potato, sweet potato and carrot topped with fried onion.

27. Roasted Red Duck

Cooked with red curry paste in coconut milk, lychee, pineapples, cherry tomatoes and carrot.

28. Jungle Curry

Thai curry cooked without coconut milk in a spicy curry paste with vegetables and Thai herbs. 

21. Choo-chee

Creamy peanut cu​rry with chilli paste cooked with coconut milk topped with kaffir lime leaves a dash of coconut milk on top.

        Choice of -  Chicken, Beef or Pork $15.50

                             Prawn, Seafood or Duck $17.90

                                           Vegetables or Tofu $14.50


43.  Tom Yum Noodle Soup 

Hot and sour flavours made from Thai herbs & fresh coriander with rice noodles.

​44. Chicken Broth Noodle Soup 

Simmered house made fresh chicken broth with select veg & choice of meat. 

    Choice of -  Chicken, Beef, Pork & Combo meat   $15.50

                                                        Prawn or Seafood  $17.90

                                                  Vegetable or Veg & Tofu  $14.50


Bangkok A (2-3 people) $38.50

Spring Rolls, Yellow Chicken Curry, Stir-Fry Cashew Nut Beef & Large Rice

Bangkok B (3-4 people) $54.50

Mixed Entrée, Pad Thai Chicken, Pad Nam Hoy Pork (oyster sauce), Mossaman Beef & Large rice 

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32. Cashew Nut

Stir fry with mild chili jam, roasted cashew nuts with seasonal vegetables.

33. Pad Khing (ginger)

Stir fry fresh ginger with seasonal vegetables.

34. Pad Gratiam (garlic)

Garlic & pepper sauce stir fry with vegetables topped with fried garlic & coriander.

35. Pad Gra Pao (chilli & basil)

Stir fry Thai spicy sauce with seasonal vegetables & Thai basil leaves.

36. Pad Preaw Warn (sweet & sour)

Thai style sweet & sour sauce, pineapples, cucumber and fresh vegetables.

37. Pad Namman Hoy (oyster sauce)

Thai style oyster sauce stir fry seasonal vegetables.

38. Pad Nam Satay (satay sauce)

Home made Thai peanut sauce stir fry with fresh vegetables.

29. Pad Ped (chilli paste)

Stir fry chili paste with coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and seasonal vegetables.

Choice of -      Chicken, Beef or Pork $15.5

                                  Prawn, Seafood or Duck $17.90

                                                    Vegetables or Tofu $14.50


42. Yum, Traditional Thai salad,

With fresh Thai herbs & h/made special Thai sauce.

        Choice of -   Chicken, Beef, Pork   $15.90

                              Prawn, Seafood, Squid    $18.50

44. Mince Salad Traditional (Larb)

Tossed in h/made special Thai sauce & fresh Thai herbs.

        Choice of -    Chicken or Pork    $15.50 


46. Thai Omelet 

 Made Special Thai style with tomato, onion & herbs.

      Choice of - Chicken and or Veg $15.50  Prawns $18.50


48. Pad Thai  Gf/V/Ve Options

Thin rice noodle, choice of meat topped with crushed peanut, spring onions, bean sprouts.

49. Pad See Eew Gf/V/Ve Options

Thick flat rice noodles cooked with dark sweet soy sauce, egg & mix vegetables.

50. Pad Kee Mao  Gf/V/Ve Options

Thick flat rice noodles with seasonal vegetables, chilli & basil served with bean sprouts.

51. Pad Hokkien V Options

Stir fry egg noodle, oyster sauce & vegetables.

52. Laksa Noodles

Rich and spicy curry coconut milk, thin rice noodles and seasonal vegetables topped with fried onions.

       Choice of - Chicken, Beef or Pork $15.50

                          Prawn, Seafood or Duck $17.90

                                  Vegetables & or Tofu $14.50


58. Thai Fried Rice

Thai style fried rice cooked with egg, tomato, shallots and sauces.

59. Fried Rice Chilli and Basil

Cooked with seasonal vegetables in chilli & basil sauce.

60. Tom Yum Fried Rice

Thai style tom yum paste cooked with fresh vegetables topped with coriander shallots.

         Choice of - Chicken or Beef or Pork $15.50

                             Prawn or Seafood or Duck $17.90

                                            Vegetables & or Tofu $14.50



                         Small $4.50

                         Large $5.90


                                            Small $3.50

                                            Large $4.50 


63. BBQ Duck        (Half Duck)         $27.50

Bbq roasted duck chopped s/with steamed vegetables & h/made sauces.

64. Steamed Barramundi  G/F Options  ​​​$27.50

Traditional Thai style steamed fish w/fresh ginger, vegetables & sauces on side  

65. Fried Barramundi                        $27.00

Served with traditional Thai style curry sauce

66. Soft Shell Crab                           $27.90

Soft edible shell crabs dusted in seasoned flower, fried golden s/with curry sauce     

67. Som Tum green pawpaw salad      $18.90

Trad Thai salad pawpaw, car, peanuts, c/ toms, lime, sugar, sauces, herbs & spices

6​8. Nam Tok Pork                             $18.90

Trad Thai salad w/ stir-fry Pork, onion, green leaf, sauces, herbs & spices

6​9. Pad Gra Pao Mince & Fried Egg   $18.90

Trad Thai minced chicken or pork stir-fry Vege, chilli & basil sauce, herbs & spices.    70. Peemai Spicy Wings  (main)         $18.90

Chicken Wings fried golden & tossed in our special slightly spicy slightly sweet

71. Asian Green Vegetables                 $17.90

Fresh seasonal greens, bok choy, Kailaan in a special oyster sauce

72. Crispy Pork & Asian Green Vege    $22.90

Crispy Pork & Fresh greens, bok choy, Kailaan in a special oyster sauce

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